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Mobile Vehicle Video Surveillance - MOVIS™

TSI’s Mobile Video Surveillance MOVIS™ offers a comprehensive suite of intelligent systems to enable effective situational awareness. Not only does MOVIS™ offer innovative features such as enhanced mobile video monitoring capabilities and real-time data analysis, the system also provides a state-of-the-art suite of C2 applications for complete Command and Control.

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Command and Control Information Systems - DOMINION™
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Innovative Public Safety Technology

The DOMINION™ series of command and control application systems offer advanced technology solutions for public safety agencies and the First Responder Community.

Comprising a comprehensive portfolio of customisable turnkey public security solutions, DOMINION™ provides the comfort of dependability to millions of people worldwide.

DOMINION™ Application Suite

Central to DOMINION™ is a cross-platform application suite that combines the latest in technological standards with TSI’s extensive years of operational experience and resources.

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The DOMINION™ suite includes:
DOMINION™ Playback A host of innovative video features including:

• Playback of video feeds for single or multiple targets

• Simultaneous display of video, audio and location of selected devices

• Export video/audio to normal video files, playable on standard video playback software

DOMINION™ Map Obtain high-quality geographical and locational data with cutting-edge supporting features:

• Raster map: Google Maps, Bing Maps, customer-provided geo-images

• 3D vector map: customer-provided shape files, customer drawings

• Unique view options: full-view, zoom, pan, rotation, full-screen

• Point-of-interest annotation and bookmark

• Import and export viewport

• Landmark, road and address search

• Measurement of map distance and area

• Route planning

DOMINION™ Secured Messaging Communicate data effectively and efficiently via:

• Text message

• Video/voice call

• File-sharing

DOMINION™ Report Gather and analyse vital data and parameters via a range of report formats:

• Speeding report

• System status report

• Audit trail report

• Target location report

• Customised report

DOMINION™ Monitor Enhanced tracking capabilities with advanced features:

• Data on device location and status, for e.g. battery level, IO status, signal strength etc.

• Geo-fencing

• Third-party video feeds

DOMINION™ Alerts Customise business rules and alerts for various actions:

• Device status

• Geo-fencing

• Speeding

• Device tampering

• Motion detection

• Battery status

DOMINION™ Admin Supports multiple administrative functions including:

• User account management

• Device management

• Account type management

• Role privilege management

• Over-the-air update for front-end devices

We provide comprehensive support for our public safety applications so as to ensure best utilization of modules, upgrades, multi-language support (including Arabic) and enhancements for maximum benefit.