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Mobile Vehicle Video Surveillance - MOVIS™

TSI’s Mobile Video Surveillance MOVIS™ offers a comprehensive suite of intelligent systems to enable effective situational awareness. Not only does MOVIS™ offer innovative features such as enhanced mobile video monitoring capabilities and real-time data analysis, the system also provides a state-of-the-art suite of C2 applications for complete Command and Control.

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Key Features of Our Products

TSI provides solutions for a wide array of markets, enabling defense-industry developments to also benefit from the technology and knowledge transfer that results in a more extensive and robust offering.

TSI's activities in security systems are oriented to engineering, software development, as well as turnkey systems integration and maintenance to cover the entire life cycle of a system.

Key Features

Scalable and expandable. From personnel to vehicles to an entire force. There is no limit to its potential growth. Adding more equipments and sensors is close to plug-and-play because the system is built to be highly scalable and expandable.

Integration with your existing systems. You can add to your current command and control network: analog or digital, wired or wireless. Because of TSI's flexible software architecture, our solutions can be integrated into any operational center's existing software platform, as needed.

Painless migration to new technology. TSI's integrated solution offers a migration path that protects your capital investment in legacy systems. We are able to integrate our solutions into your existing wired and/or analog network for a gradual migration or build a new wireless IP system from the ground up.

Interoperable with public safety. Expedite accident response, help save lives, and mobilize assets by sharing real-time video and data with the police, fire and other public safety agencies.